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Health Surveillance

We understand the importance of employee wellbeing. 71% of employees say they feel valued and recognised when employers offer onsite healthcare and well being services. Employees value such health benefits higher than other incentives and team building exercises.  

We offer a broad spectrum of health and well being initiatives to help employers implement employee wellbeing strategies. One trusted provider for all your needs. 


A Pure Tone Audiometry test delivered onsite to identify any signs of hearing loss. Ideal for manufacturing, construction, aviation and other sectors where employees are exposed to loud work environments. 

Image by Mark Paton

Onsite Physiotherapy

Eliminate costs, productivity issues and time off work related to pains and aches. From work station assessments to injury recovery and rehabilitation our experienced team can offer a wide variety of services which can all be delivered onsite


Onsite Dental Clinic

We offer an extensive range of dental care services delivered in our bespoke mobile dental care clinics. We bring the clinic to your premises  minimising time off work and offering a convenient one stop shop for your employees. 

At the Dentist


Are your employees exposed to Hazardous substances? Our workplace spirometry service measures the lung function and provides a measure of impact. Employers can not only comply with HSE testing regulation but also put actions in place to minimise exposure. 


HAV - Hand Arm Vibration Testing

Full suite of HAVs testing services from Tier 2 to Tier 5 for early diagnosis of HAVS. A must for your employees using machinery or hand held tools under Control of Vibration At Work Regulation 2005. 

Hand Reaching Out
Covid 19


A vast range of Covid Antibody and Antigen testing service with onsite sample collection and results. Quantitative Covid Antibody tests can provide a clear measure of immunity against infection or spread of infection. Ideal for employers who wish to minimise the risk of spread and impact on business. 


Mental Health

We offer an extensive range of mental health services carefully designed to support your workforce. Form counselling to diagnosis our mental health specialists draft a personalised support model. 

Therapy Session
Checking Blood Pressure

Workplace Health Checks 

A workplace health check delivered onsite by our clinicians offers a full suite health check including physical exams, vitals and blood tests to detect, diagnose and control concerning symptoms at an early stage.  

Health Checks

Contact our team today for an in-depth discussion on most effective and efficient options for your organization.

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