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Eye Test Glasses

Onsite Employee Eyecare

We understand the importance of employee wellbeing. 2 out of 3 people in full time employment do not attend an eye exam every two years as recommended. 69% of everyone we've examined had not attended an eye test for 3 years or over. 

We bring our corporate eyecare service to the employee, so they are offered a convenient, safe and reliable environment at work. An onsite eye examination can potentially save their vision. We are proud to have identified symptoms and referred over 4000 employees for further investigations, some with extremely serious symptoms. 

Choose from a range of eyecare services below to suit your employee eyecare requirements. 

Onsite Eye Tests

A comprehensive eye examination as recommended by the Royal College of Ophthalmology delivered by GOC certified Optometrists. Speak to our client relations team today to find out how we can deliver these at your premises. 

Eye Test
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VDU/ Prescription Eyewear

We offer a wide range of prescription /VDU eyewear following the eye examination in our clinics. Employees have the freedom to choose and order from a range of over 600 prescription frames including fittings and aftercare all in our clinics onsite. 

Exclusive corporate offers and product range that is not available on the high street. 

Safety Eyewear

We offer an extensive range of safety eyewear to suit your HSE requirements to comply with the VDU regulations. Our safety eyewear range is ISO certified and manufactured in UK. 

Speak to our team today to discuss product pricing and range. 

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Round Sunglasses

Designer Eyewear

A large selection of designer eyewear available in clinic or online for your staff to choose from. 

With price match guarantees and exclusive corporate offers, we aim to delight your staff. 

Contact our team today for an in-depth discussion on most effective and efficient options for your organization.

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