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We love helping our customers!

Find answers here to the most commonly asked questions about our onsite eyecare and other employee wellbeing services.  

  • How can i arrange corporate eyecare for my organization?
    Please contact our dedicated help line and our client relations team will take you through the entire service life cycle, requirements and the service delivery process map.
  • Can i choose a specific service instead of all?
    Yes! The services are totally customizable and configurable. We've taiilored the entire range to meet client specific requirments based on our experience of delivering these services for the last 10 years.
  • How and where is the service delivered?
    All our services are delivered onsite. We work around your preferences. Depending on your staff strength we will deliver the service either in a dedicated room within your premises or we could bring our state of art mobile health clinics to your site.
  • Will this create additional workload for my team?
    Absolutely not. We take pride in delivering a zero admin service for our clinets. We manage the entire service lifecyle, including liaising with other stakeholders, and deliver an end to end service.
  • We are a small organization. Can we we still avail these employee wellbeing services susch as onsite eyecare?
    We service all employers in the country irrespective of your staff strength. Although the onsite services are most appropriate for those who employ more than 50 staff smaller employers can avail the services at their nearest suitable location. We work with most NHS hospitals and local borough councils around the country so ti very likely that your staff can visit our clinics at the nearest hospital or council.
  • How long does it take to set up?
    Whilst we have clinics availbale at all times for immediate deployment we advise a 4 to 6 week promotional phase prior to go live. This is where we promote the service to your employees with the help of your comms team. We provide all materials but we need your communications team to ditribute the electronic materils internally. From agreement to go live is typically 4-6 weeks, as a result. Please speak to our team if you have a more pressing requirement and we will always accomodate.
  • Are there any contractual committments or minimum term requirements?
    We try and keep it simple and flexible for our clients and do not insist on any long term committments. We agree terms relative to the service in discussion only. The services are high in demand though and most our clients expect us to return on annual basis.
  • What geographical locations do you cater to?
    We offer our services nationwide including Sctoland and Ireland.
  • How do we assess the service upon completion
    We keep you posted! We offer detailed performance reports at all times and a summary report upon completion highlighting our performance against alll deliverables and KPIs. These details can provide as much detail as our clients require subject to GDPR compliance.
  • Do you accept private insurance?
    We work with a whole host of providers offering vouchers schemes, health plans and insurance. Our client relations team can discuss your current arrangements and advise most suitable options to save cost and achieve best results.
  • Are there any upfront payments required?
    Absolutely not. We invoice our clients for the services rendered, as per our agreement, upon completion of the service.
  • Who conducts the tests?
    All of our services are delivered by certified clinicians with a wealth of experience. Our clincal panel work closely with our onsite staff at all times and validate all reports prior to publishing.
  • Can you provide client references?
    We have served over 300 clients nationwide. We 'de be delighted to share first hand feedback from our clients and customers for your perusal.
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