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Employee Wellness, Redesigned


Passionate about employee wellbeing? So are we!

69% of employees we've examined had not had an eye test for 3 years or over. 60% didn't have access to any workplace wellness services. Health@Work is a unique employee wellness program offering a range of employee wellbeing services, all delivered onsite!

We empower employers and enable them to deliver unparalleled care to the workforce and value their wellbeing. We bring the service to your premises resulting in direct and indirect cost savings, regulatory compliance, enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Employer Branding & Employee Engagement

Enhanced Productivity



Cost Benefits

Minimise Accidents & Risks



We've tailored our services to meet your requirements. With over 10 years of service delivery expertise, we aim to redesign employee wellness space. 2021 employee wellness report shows that 79% employees value essential healthcare services such as eyecare and audiology highger than other environmental well being initiatives. 


Choose from a wide spectrum of onsite employee wellbeing initiatives, all designed to offer exceptional value to your employees in a safe, convenient and trustworthy environment. All delivered onsite!

Speak to Our Team 

Our Client Relations team will carefully understand your requirements and overall wellbeing strategy. We will answer all your questions and discuss the logistics in a quick virtual meet

We Propose

We will propose a thoughfully designed, holistic solution to suit your requirements outlining the service deliverables and terms. With a key focus on deliverables the proposed services are entirely customizable and configurable

We Deliver

We deliver an end to end service with zero adminsitration for your team. From setup to employee liason we manage all aspects of the service and provide performance reports for your perusal upon completion 

How It Works

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“It is a great service you are providing. Much appreciated.” S Tummala, Bart’s Health NHS Trust

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